To hunt a bluedog blind is very simple. To explain the setup probably takes as long as setting one up does and once a hunter is comfortable with the process is actually fun. Once hunters become comfortable we then look at all trees in an area differently. “I bet I could hunt that tree!”


Here’s what we need to know.


1.     The parts of the blind and what they are for.
2.     How to prep the tree and what a prepped tree does.
3.     How to hook up the blind and get up and down.


I.  The pieces of the blind. 


1.     There is the blind itself (duh).
2.     A block and tackle (BT) set that is attached to the top of the blind at one end and to a
3.     Load Rope (LR).  The load rope is what secures to the tree.
4.     Lastly there is a tag line (TL), this is a small black piece of chord that remains on the tree after the prep work. They are typically as twice as long as the height the hunter wishes to be in any given tree minus about 10’. So to hunt 15’ the tag line would be about 20’.
5.     Big Ass Branch (BAB). The tree branch.
6.     Finally there is a unit called a traxion, the rope can only pass in one direction through this device, unless the user forces it open (Required for descent).


II. Prepping a tree


1.     Select a branch that will support the weight of the hunter and is in good shape. The best locations for a tag line are on the weight-bearing branch about 10 inches from the big main part of the tree.
2.     The tag line should pass easily from under the tree, over the branch and back down so that both ends could be tied together.
3.     Lastly the up and down area the blind will be traveling through while you are hunting should be trimmed enough to allow the blind and the hunter easy access up and down.

4.    Having a prepped tree allows the hunter to walk up, hook on and go.

5.    Prepping a tree is fairly easy and doesn't take long, however it is recommended to be done outside the hunting window.

III.  Using the Blind


1.     Attach the open end of the LR to one end of the TL.
2.     Pull the LR over the BAB until the BT is an inch or so from the BAB.
3.     Secure the LR tightly to the tree and test the rig.
4.     Attach one of the stabilizers from under the seat at an angle of about 45 degrees behind where you wish to face while hunting.
5.     Pull enough rope through the traxion so that the seat is ready to be sat in.
6.     Sit in seat and pull the traxion device and rope down to your chest with your arms. Then run the traxion back to the anchor point. YOU ARE NOW CLIMBING!
7.     At various points you can set the stabilizer line into the cleat and you will be steady enough for a shot.

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